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Alleged Picasso Pilferer to Be Arraigned

The Picasso was found undamaged, unframed and prepped in Napa to be shipped to an undisclosed location.



    Picasso Thief May Have Hit Metro Area

    He's an accused thief with high class taste. A Hoboken man is charged with stealing a Picasso in California and he may have hit some swanky locations in the metro area. Katy Tur Reports (Published Friday, July 15, 2011)

    A man accused of stealing a valuable Picasso drawing from a San Francisco gallery is set to be arraigned one day after authorities in New Jersey said they found about $500,000 in stolen artwork at his apartment there.     

    Mark Lugo is set to appear in San Francisco Superior Court on Friday on charges stemming from his alleged theft of the 1965 Picasso drawing "Tete de Femme,'' from the Weinstein Gallery in downtown San Francisco.     

    Lugo's attorney, Douglas Horngrad, says his 30-year-old client intends to plead not guilty.     

    Hoboken, N.J., police said Thursday they found another Picasso drawing worth $350,000 and several other pieces around Lugo's apartment this week. That Picasso drawing had been reported stolen in New York City.     

    Horngrad declined to comment on those allegations.     

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