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Picasso's "Erotic Scene" to Debut at Met

Famous artist apparently disowned painting, said it was "a joke"



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    Visitors admire the scene at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    A painting disowned by Pablo Picasso is expected to have its U.S. debut in a major exhibit of the artist's work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, though it's unlikely to be a highlight of the show.

    While questions have been raised about its authenticity, the Met's curator of 19th-century, Modern and contemporary art says that wasn't the reason "Erotic Scene'' had been kept in storage since being acquired in 1982.

    Instead, curator Gary Tinterow says it was simply "not very good,'' calling it "slapdash.''

    Maybe that's why the artist himself told a friend that it was "a joke by friends.''

    Before it could be included in the show of 300 works opening April 27, Tinterow said he first had researchers at the Met confirm it was by Picasso.