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Phillips' Mistress Speaks Out

Brooke Hundley, who alleged harassed Steve Phillips after their illicit affair went south, says she's no stalker. And Jay Leno made her cry



    Phillips' Mistress Speaks Out
    Steve Phillips is caught in the middle of another sex scandal.

    The intern who brought former Mets manager and erstwhile ESPN analyst Steve Phillips' world crashing down around him says that she's no stalker.

    Brooke Hundley -- who had an affair with Phllips when they both worked at the sports network and then allegedly sent his wife a scary letter seeming to threaten her and her children -- opened up in her first interview since the scandal broke last month.

    Ironically, the interview was with Good Morning America, on ABC, which is owned by Disney, which owns ESPN, which fired Hundley and Phllips.

    "I did things I regret, obviously. People make mistakes at 22," Hundley told in GMA. "That's what I was trying not to do originally, was hurt anybody else or affect anybody else's lives negatively. But I did things and I thought about things just as an avenue to get people to pay attention, to start asking the right questions, to get me out of a bad situation."

    A teary Hundley said that she was upset that the media piled on her and the general public followed suit.

    "I think people are so quick to make a judgment, it's almost like, here's a great story, he's a great chance for me... (sigh) destroy a person without any sense of really thinking about the fact that there's a human being behind those words," she said. "I've been called things by the public that no woman should ever been called. I've been called the C-word, I've been called a whore, I've been called a home-wrecker."

    Hundley said she was brought to her lowest moment, however, by Jay Leno.

    The NBC comedian did a bit where he compared a dumpy picture of Hundley to an attractive one Phillips' wife Marni, and then joked "What was he thinking!?"

    "When Jay Leno was using my looks as part of his opening monologue to get a cheap laugh... At that point.. you know a person has their breaking point, that was my breaking point. I had a friend who had to come stay with me because he was concerned... that mentally i would not be able to take much more," she said.

    Hundley allegedly began harassing Marni Phillips, last August after Phillips had broken off the affair, according to a police report filed in Wilton, Conn. The drama escalated when Marni Phillips arrived home one day to find Hundley in her driveway.

    But the former intern says it was Steve Phillips who was threatening her, and she just wanted to escape.

    "I brought it on but not intentionally, I simply wanted somebody to be upset enough to have an impact to get me out of this horrific situation," she said on GMA.

    "Any thing between me and Steve has been resolved," Hundley said. "I take responsibility for my own actions. And i would hope at some point that he would grow up and take responsibility for his actions."