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Paul Giamatti Is a New York Superhero



    Paul Giamatti Is a New York Superhero
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    Paul Giamatti is Superman, Batman and the Hulk all rolled into one.

    Some poor souls sat waiting for six hours on the runway at JFK on Friday. [Gothamist]

    Check out this video of the storm rolling into Plumb Beach on Friday, shot from a car. It's quite epic. [Sheepshead Bites]

    Two writers compiled a list of New York Superheroes that they'll release as collectable cards come August 31st. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

    Corporate culture-jammers The Yes Men are planning something big from a Brooklyn building. [Flavorwire]

    Director James Cameron gave geeks and movie fans an early look at his upcoming movie, Avatar, at movie theatres around the country this weekend. So what's it look like? [Arts Beat]

    A lobsterman in New Hampshire caught a one-in-five-million blue lobster over the weekend, and donated it to the Seacoast Science Center. [Daily News]