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Paterson to Other Pols: You're Next

Gov warns politicians in aftermath of rumors



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    Beware the media, Paterson warns.

    Embattled Gov. David Paterson, after more than a week of unsubstantiated rumors about his personal behavior, is warning other public officials that they could be next.

         Speaking to reporters at an event in Albany on Friday, he said journalism standards are diminishing to the point unsubstantiated reports now make the front page.
    Paterson has said the rumors started when the New York Timesbegan reporting for a story about him and he was ramping up his campaign. Paterson says that article will not include any claims of personal misbehavior. Instead, he says it will focus on how he spends his campaign contributions, who he has hired to his staff and why he canceled a couple of graduation speeches at the same place two years in a row.
    The Times refuses to comment before its story appears.