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Paterson to Host Spitzer on New Radio Show



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    UPDATEEx-Governor David Paterson Debuts on AM Radio

    Former Gov. David Paterson launches his new radio show Tuesday with a familiar guest: former boss and gubernatorial predecessor Eliot Spitzer.

    Paterson's new drivetime radio show on WOR 710 AM was announced last Thursday. The former governor had been serving as an occasional guest host on the station since leaving the state's executive office.

    Legally blind Paterson has been known for his affable radio personality since his days as state senator. As governor, he appeared frequently on New York Post state editor Fred Dicker's radio show in Albany and a variety of other political, sports and news shows across the state.

    He told the New York Times last year the radio is "sort of a perfect medium for me."

    His success in the medium translated into a full-time radio gig for WOR 710 AM. The show launches 4 p.m. Tuesday with his former boss, ex-governor Eliot Spitzer.

    The show also streams live on the radio station's website,

    Scandal-ridden ex-governor Spitzer briefly cruised through a media career of his own earlier this year: he hosted a prime-time show on CNN, first with co-host Kathleen Parker, then on his own, before it was cancelled altogether. 

    When Paterson was asked earlier this year on Don Imus's radio show if he'd been invited yet on Spitzer's new show, he said jokingly, "He hasn't invited me on the show but I do talk to him from time to time. I thought he should have invited me on the show. The ratings are not good at that hour anyways. I think his show is very good. He is very bright, he has an opinion about everything and he expresses it well. I think he does a good show. If it doesn’t work out I am always there to take his place."