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Paterson: Kennedy Fiasco Was “My Fault”

Gov says to blame him



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    Gov. Paterson says he's to blame for anonymous attacks on Caroline Kennedy.

    Finally, someone is taking responsibility for the disaster that followed Caroline Kennedy’s senate bid. And it’s not Caroline Kennedy.

    Gov. David Paterson says the attacks on her were his fault.

    The Daily News reported last week that the leaks on Kennedy – tax, nanny, marriage issues – came from Paterson’s political consultant, Judy Smith.

    Previously, Paterson had publicly said his administration had nothing to do with anonymous attacks on Kennedy. On Tuesday, Paterson changed his tune, according to the Daily News.   

    “Any involvement in what my staff [did] is my fault because to do something like that - people who work for you should know better," Paterson said.

    Paterson stopped short of saying whether he had spoken with Smith about the leaks, but he said “the responsibility is ultimately mine.”