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Paterson Considers Business Curfew to Curb Crime

The curfew would require that all businesses close by midnight



    The city council in Paterson, N.J. is considering a curfew for businesses as part of an effort to make the streets safer at night. Brian Thompson reports. (Published Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012)

    Even before the latest bodega shooting, the Paterson City Council has been considering a curfew for businesses.

    A midnight business curfew will be the topic of discussion at a town hall meeting on Monday.  The proposal has some support in the community plagued by violence.

    "I've been on the streets for almost 38 years," said Nestor Cruz, who works at a Paterson bodega and supports the measure. "And I know how the streets are."

    But others say the curfew will inconvenience residents and hurt business.

    "People need to come outside to get things because people can be on their way home from work late night, maybe get a little sandwich, maybe a little coffee," said Tarik Randers, who works at a 24-hour McDonald's.

    But Council President Anthony Davis says something has to be done to make these streets safer.
      There could yet be exceptions to this proposed law, according to Davis.

    "If they want to stay open 24 hours they should pay for a police officer or someone who can guard them," Davis said.

    For now, many Paterson residents such as Randers will just carry on.

    "In our economy today you have to take your chances and make as much money as you can," he said.

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