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Parents Enraged After S.I. School Meeting on PCBs Raises More Questions Than Answers

Dangerous levels of chemicals found in two classrooms



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    While standardized test scores have improved on the margins, California public school students continue to underperform.

    Some parents say they'll be keeping their kids home from PS 36 on Staten Island after tests showed dangerous levels of PCBs in two classrooms.

    Officials from the School Construction Authority held an emergency meeting last night to address concerns -- and frustrated parents left unsatisfied.

    Officials claim the chemicals posed no immediate health risk, and say it'll be another week before they get the results of air quality and other tests.

    But some parents, and City Councilman Vincent Ignizio, says the school should be closed until the problem can be rectified.

    "I was hoping to hear that they have a plan in place. The only plan they have is they have no plan," Lisa Bland, a mother from Huguenot who has twin boys, one of whom sits it one of the affected classrooms, told the Staten Island Advance.

    Previously, a spokesperson for the city's Department of Education said removing PBCs from all schools immediately would cost billions of dollars. 

    PCBs, which were used widely in building construction before the late 1970s, are known to cause serious physical and behavioral problems.

    New York lawmakers warn hundreds of schools could be contaminated, but only a small number of classrooms have been tested thus far. Like the School Construction Authority, the EPA insists the amount of PCBs found in classrooms to this point do not pose an immediate threat to anyone.