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Wall Street Hires Occupy Protester

Now she’s working on becoming a certified financial analyst.



    Wall Street Hires Occupy Protester
    Maybe this person will be the next new hire.

    A woman who joined thousands of protesters chanting about the ills of Wall Street has crossed into “enemy territory” with a new job as a financial analyst.

    Tracey Postert headed down to Zuccotti Park after her aspirations of finding work in the field of academia fizzled out in October.

    After spending 15 days making sandwiches and sweeping sidewalks at protest headquarters, she realized she needed to find gainful employment, reports The New York Post. So she made a sign that read “Ph.D. Biomedical Scientist seeking full time employment” on the front and “Ask me for my resume” on the back.

    A short time later, Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst for John Thomas Financial Brokerage, accepted Postert’s resume and sent her an email asking if she’d like to come in for an interview the next day, reports the Post.

    Postert got a job at the Wall Street firm as a junior analyst evaluating medical companies as potential assets.

    Now she’s working on becoming a certified financial analyst. And although the starting salary for her position is near minimum wage, she has the potential to earn six figures.

    Company CEO Thomas Belesis said he hoped Postert learned something from the opportunity.

    “She was ranting about Wall Street, and now she’s working on Wall Street,” Belesis told the Post. “Banks are not so bad. I hope we have opened her eyes.”