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In Mayoral Bid, Thompson Gets No Love From Obama

Mayor Bloomberg seems to have tethered himself to the White House



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    Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama chat at the 9/11 anniversary tribute.

    President Barack Obama has endorsed New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine's bid for re-election next month, but political pundits can't help but notice that he has pretty much ignored New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson.

    The president has paid scant attention to the Democrat running on a message of change and embraced the incumbent running on the Republican ballot on Nov. 3, the New York Times reported.

    Obama has clearly been involved in New York politics -- letting it slip out that he wants Gov. David Paterson to stand down in next year's gubernatorial race.

    But since President Obama’s election, City Comptroller Thompson has found any effort to piggyback on Obama’s popularity drowned out by the billionaire mayor's ties to the Obama White House, the Times said.

    Obama and Bloomberg have dined together and joked about who picked up the check.  And after meeting with Obama in the Oval Office recently  Bloomberg, a billionaire media mogul, said he and the president “have a lot in common.”

    Bloomberg has met with the president four times since his inauguration, held public events with four of his cabinet members, and heaped praise on the new administration at every turn, no matter how mundane the occasion, the newspaper said.

    On Tuesday, Bloomberg accepted the endorsement of a close Obama ally, John D. Podesta.

    All this courtship has, some analysts say, deprived Thompson of the natural kinship of party allegiance and a self-made status.  Thompson trails Bloomberg in endorsements and campaign money.

    Thompson begs to differ, the Times said. “The mayor thinks that if he stands close enough to Obama, people will mistake him for the president,” he said. “That’s not going to happen, trust me.”