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Obama Makes Good on Promise: NJ Teen Meets Bieber



    President Obama Visits Ground Zero

    President Obama tours the World Trade Center site and meets with the families of 9/11 victims, four days after a special operation in Pakistan killed al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. (Published Thursday, May 5, 2011)

    When President Barack Obama visited ground zero last month, he met Payton Wall, a New Jersey teen whose father died on Sept. 11.

    As the two hugged and spoke, Wall's face lit up. Obama told Wall, a Justin Bieber fan, that he could set up a meeting with the pop star.

    The New York Post reported Obama said he "knows Justin" and that he would help arrange a meeting with the two.

    When the Daily Intel blog was skeptical, saying "doesn't he know the PR machine around Justin Bieber is more impenetrable than Donald Trump's ego," Bieber shot back at the blog in a public tweet, saying, "I think you're wrong. pretty sure President @BarackObama will keep this promise."

    A month and a half later, Bieber arrived in New York City to promote his new perfume -- and Wall finally met the pop star in a private meeting at Macy's in Herald Square Friday.

    Wall greeted him along with her sister Avery and her best friend Madison Robertson, who also lost her father on Sept. 11. Wall retweeted Robertson Friday: "obama kept his promise, off to see @justinbieber!"

    Then, on Saturday: "just want to say thanks to @justinbieber for taking the time to meet me!"

    The three girls were photographed with Bieber and a cardboard cutout of Obama.

    "It was so cool," Wall told the Post. "I couldn't even believe it."

    "He just said 'hi,'" she continued. "He was asking us about the perfume and if we were wearing it."

    Her sister Avery added, "He was really nice and is so cute. He didn't even look real."

    The girls' fathers were Cantor Fitzgerald executives Glen James Wall and Donny Robertson, according to the Post.

    Payton Wall and Robertson had tried for months to reach Bieber to tell him his music inspired them when they felt down. He never responded, but Obama saw the letter and invited the girls to ground zero during his visit.