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No, You Did Not See a UFO Over the Weekend: Gov't

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    The truth is out there?

    If you're one of many who saw strange lights in the sky Saturday night, we're sorry to inform that no, it wasn't aliens. It was the Black Brant XII Suborbital Sounding Rocket. [Gothamist]

    New City residents living in close proximity to the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant were shocked when the plant's new local sirens malfunctioned on Friday. 18 others failed to sound, meaning the Power Plant's emergency performance is NOT ACCEPTABLE! [Runnin' Scared]

    There are currently 12 buildings in Manhattan with no office tenants. [Crains]

    A church in Brooklyn Heights was vandalized with "inappropriate statements, and a swastika." Police believe it was targeted by a person affiliated with the church, and not necessarily a random act of hate. [Your Nabe]

    Two thieves were caught on camera stealing laptops from Williamsburg computer store Mikey's Hook-Up. Help identify them. [Free Williamsburg]

    What does the phrase, "Keep plucking that chicken" even mean? [City Room]

    Check out the moment one lucky golfer nailed a $1million dollar hole-in-one. [BuzzFeed]