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Doctors Call Chimp Attack Victim's Survival a Miracle



    Doctors Call Chimp Attack Victim's Survival a Miracle
    For the next two years, Charla Nash will go through surgeries as she recovers from a vicious chimp attack in Stamford in February that left her disfigured, blind and near death. Her brothers are by her side through her recovery.

    When Charla Nash arrived at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, she was in a coma with severe facial injuries and clinging to life.

    Few expected her to survive a brutal chimp attack in February that took her hands, nose, lips and sight.

    Nash, 55, had was trying and help her friend and employer, Sandra Herold, get Travis, the 200-pound chimp, back into the house in Stamford when the animal attacked.

    Nash and her doctors spoke with Meredith Viera for NBC’s Today Show doctors say it’s a miracle that Nash has survived. This her second televised interview since first revealing her face on Oprah last week.

    Not only has Nash survived, but she also walks daily and her spirits are high. She keeps a stash of candy and cookies for her visitors and listens to books on tape, the Today Show reports.
    Nash will remain at the Cleveland Clinic for at least a few more months and undergo two more surgeries, one to repair her mouth so she can eat solid food and another to fix her nose to repair her breathing passages.

    Nash’s family is hoping for some independence. They also hope she will be a candidate for a hand and face transplant. 

    Nash’s family filed a suit against Herold for $50 million, accusing Herold of negligence and recklessness for owning "a wild animal with violent propensities."

    It also claims that Herold lacked sufficient skill, strength and/or experience to subdue the chimpanzee when necessary. The suit claims that Herold had given the chimp medication that further upset the animal.
    During the interview, Viera asked Nash about her relationship with Nash and whether they are friends, something Herold has claimed.

    “Well, I thought we were friends, you know. I don’t know anymore. I heard a couple statements that make me wonder. I don’t want to have hard feelings. I just want to go on with my life and get better,” Nash said.    
    “Sandra Herold hopes and prays for a speedy recovery from her friend, Charla Nash … Sandy is encourages by the fact that Charla’s recovery  appears to be progressing and prays for her continued improvement..” Robert Gogler, Herold’s attorney, said in a statement.  

    Nash also told the Today Show that she was asked to find a home for Travis, but Herold thought no home was good enough.

    Herold’s husband was the one who made the request, but Herold was not ready to give him up, Nash said.