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"Ninjas" Stage $100K Fifth Ave. Designer Store Heist



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    Joey Gannon
    Thieves dressed as ninjas are all the rage these days.

    Maybe they got tired of wearing black.

    At least three Ninja-esque crooks swept into a Midtown boutique early Tuesday and jacked about $100,000 worth of designer items from Italian fashion icon Emilio Pucci, police sources told The New York Post.

    Clad completely in black, the thieves lifted purses, belts, dresses, T-shirts, sunglasses and other accessories, shoved them in a bag and ran off, a spokesperson for the store told the Post. Security video apparently caught the whole heist on tape.

    The nimble ninjas eluded cops, escaping with their stolen wares by the time police responded to the alarm triggered by the break-in. They still haven't been found.

    The crooks left most of the goods in the store, but still made off with loot worth up to $40,000 wholesale and $100,000 retail, police sources told the Post.