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New Yorkers Like Sex a Little Bit More Than Their Phones



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    If you had to chose, would you rather give up your cell phone or your sex life?

    A leading cell phone company commissioned a study to find out what a few hundred New Yorkers would rather live without -- and it turns out, 3 out of 10 New Yorkers would rather give up sex than their mobiles.

    The survey, conducted by Samsung, found that 36% of New York women would put their sex lives on hold for a year to be able to use a mobile device. Thirteen percent of men would choose cell phones over sex.

    The study found some other perhaps more interesting details about cell phone use among our fellow New Yorkers. The average cell phone user spends three hours each day using a cell phone’s text, picture and video messages, along with other non-voice features.  For those who spend a full eight hours asleep each night, nearly 20 percent of their time awake would be spent on their phones. 
    A vast majority, or 83 percent of those surveyed, are regular text messagers. In fact, nearly a third of them rely on texting to communicate instead of having an actual phone conversation, the survey found.

    Women -- 47 percent -- are more likely to text than talk on their cell phones than their male counterparts --28 percent.  This comes as a surprise to nobody.