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New Yorker Has Solution to Fix Oil Spill



    NY Engineer Thinks He Has Solution to Gulf Spill

    Dennis Wagner thinks he knows how to solve the Gulf oil crisis (Published Wednesday, June 2, 2010)

    People are coming out of the woodwork with ideas to fix the catastrophic BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico these days -- from actor Kevin Costner to teenagers on YouTube.

    Up here in New York, Dennis Wagner, an employee with Con Edison, claims to have a solution for the huge slick.

    "I personally hold three U.S. patents and one is for a stopper for natuaral gas," Wagner told NBCNewYork.

    And Wagner, who has worked with Con Edison for more than 30 years, says his invention will work on oil, too.

    With the help of engineers and of course bigger equipment, Wagner said the concept is to have a large similar tool as his design that could be lowered into the ocean and locked into the pipe.

    After locking, the hydrolic system would expand causing pressure to stop the pumping oil.

    "I strongly believe if I can get the information that I need from the drilling companies, I will be able to adapt this stopper unit for the capping of the oil well," said Wagner.

    You hear that BP execs?

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