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NYC Wants to Be Your Digital Friend



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    Mayor Bloomberg and Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne discuss new digital initiatives before unveiling the city's "roadmap."

    Mayor Bloomberg is pledging to make Wi-Fi access available in more public places and enhance his administration's presence on social networking sites.

    It's all part of a plan Bloomberg outlined Monday called a "roadmap for the digital city."

    That includes extending the reach of to official pages on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Foursquare.

    Dozens of New York agencies already have active Facebook and Twitter pages, but Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne, who helped draft the plan, said the city needed its own "one-stop shop" on these sites for people to get high-priority news, such as emergency alerts and public transit announcements. 

    Although it's been active for months, the city officially launched an official Twitter handle, @nycgov, which will enable any New Yorker with SMS text messaging available on their phones to receive real-time updates. New York is the first city to use the Twitter service, which is called "Fast Follow.'"

    The launch of's Facebook page is expected in the next few weeks.

    On Foursquare, custom badges will add incentive for users to visit and check in at public spaces around the city, such as parks and cultural centers.

    And on Tumblr, New Yorkers will be able to share text, photos, videos about "city stories."

    Bloomberg said the plan included details for more public Wi-Fi, but he stopped short of promising citywide access.

    “The city just cannot go and pay for Wi-Fi in every single place. It’s just something that we cannot afford," he said.