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Is Woman Lying About 'The Situation?'



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    Is she lying about what happened?  

    An NYPD spokesman said the department is looking into claims by a woman that the brother of "The Jersey Shore" cast-member Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino threatened her with a broken glass - and that she was held against her will inside a limousine after a night of partying.   

    But an attorney for Mike Sorrentino said the woman is lying.  He alleged she has filed a false police report and states there is a pending criminal complaint against the woman for lying to the police in New Jersey. 

    "My client is completely innocent of the citizen's complaint against him," said prominent New Jersey defense lawyer Raymond Raya.  "This is a clear instance of someone trying to use a person's celebrity for some purpose outside the justice system." 

    An NYPD police spokesman said police also plan to question Mike Sorrentino - the reality t.v. star perhaps best known for his abs -  since he was present at the time of the altercation.  

    The woman tells NYPD investigators that Marc Sorrentino held a broken beer bottle to her throat and later punched her during a dispute in Howell, New Jersey, the NYPD spokesman said.

    But defense lawyer Raya points out that the report the victim first made to the Howell New Jersey police department makes no mention of any threat with a bottle.  "When speaking to the police officer at the scene, she never indicated she had been threatened with a beer bottle, glass or anything else," Raya said. 

    Howell, New Jersey police confirm the woman called 9-1-1 and later filed a complaint against Marc Sorrentino, 31.  The woman, Kathryn Redino, 24, called for help on October 20.   But at that time, the lawyer state records show she only claimed Marc Sorrentino had hit her with the back of his hand.     

    But Redino has since gone to New York City police to claim she was taken against her will in the limousine to New Jersey, an NYPD spokesman said.

    At her Manhattan home, Redino's roommate said she is too upset to talk about the incident with reporters. 

    An NYPD spokesman at first told that based on the woman's official complaint, the NYPD was looking to "arrest" Sorrentino.  The NYPD press office now says Sorrentino is "not being sought at this time."  The spokesman clarified the NYPD's position and said "the investigation is ongoing."

    New York police said the alleged victim was partying with 'The Situation' at the 1 Oak Club in Chelsea.  A group of 5 then went to the limo to listen to music.  They went on to a house party along West 26th Street.  

    As the night was ending, instead of dropping Redino home uptown, police said she claims Marc Sorrentino tried to kick her out of the car at the Holland Tunnel.  When the woman refused, police said Redino then stayed in the limousine with the Sorrentinos as they continued on to Howell, N.J. - where Marc Sorrentino has a home. 

    "The fact that this woman can claim she was unlawfully imprisoned in a limo by someone who asked her to leave the limo on a number of occasions boggles the mind," Raya said.  "Clearly you cannot be falsely imprisoned and also asked to leave."

    But Redino told the NYPD that the pair had tried to kick her out of the limo during the ride in New Jersey, telling her to go stand on the corner "like the whore you are."  When she responded in kind about their mother, Redino alleges Marc smashed a bottle and then held it to her throat, an NYPD spokesman said.  She then called 9-1-1, police said.

    Howell police took a report - which makes no mention of a threat with a bottle - and did not file charges.  Instead, the woman went to Howell Township court to file her own misdemeanor assault charge against Marc Sorrentino. 

    Sorrentino later went to the same court to file his own criminal complaint against Redino claiming she is lying to police about the  incident.

    Redino this week went to New York police complaining she had been taken against her will in the car and she wanted to press charges in New York as well.  "There is currently a criminal complaint against Ms. Redino for misrepesenting the facts to the police as well as the court," Raya said.

    NYPD officials said they now want to question everyone present during the incident.

    A spokeswoman for Micheal Sorrentino declined comment referring calls to Marc Sorrentino's lawyer.   

    A spokeswoman for the Manhattan DA's office declined comment as no arrest has taken place in New York at this time.  In Howell, police Captain Donna Craton confirmed the misdemeanor assault complaint was filed against Marc Sorrentino and said "the investigation is continuing into additional allegations made by Ms. Redino."

    Law enforcement officials pointed out Redino did not mention the use of the broken bottle in her initial complaint with New Jersey authorities.  "I think that she is lying," Raya said.   

    Mike Sorrentino, who this season took a turn on Dancing With the Stars, skyrocketed to pop culture fame after last year's debut of the MTV reality drama, "The Jersey Shore."