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Cyclists Ticketed for Running Lights in Park

Cops say a bike is a vehicle and traffic laws apply; cyclists cry foul.



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    City cops are ticketing bicyclists who run red lights in Central Park.      

    So far this year, police have given out 230 tickets to riders for ignoring signals and other violations as they zip around the park's 6-mile loop.      

    Capt. Philip Wishnia of the Central Park Precinct says a bike is a vehicle and the traffic law applies.

    "There is a reason the law was put in place. One injury to pedestrians is one injury too many," Wishnia told the New York Post.

    But the former president of the NY Cycle Club says there's no point in riding in the park if he has to stop at every red light.      

    "What's the fun in that?" Tom Laskey, who got sacked with a $270 ticket for running a red light, told the Post.    

    Some cyclists also pointed out that if they had stop at every red light, biking wouldn't be much exercise.