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NYPD: "Situation" Will Be All Clear



    NYPD: "Situation" Will Be All Clear
    Usually he beat's the beat, now it seems he is going to beat the charges.

    The NYPD plans to soon close the criminal investigation into Marc Sorrentino -- the brother of Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino -- after a woman first told them he had threatened her with a broken bottle and held her captive inside a limousine.
    Marc Sorrentino has called the woman a liar and filed a counter-claim in New Jersey that she had filed a false police report, his lawyer said.

    An NYPD spokesman said Tuesday that, after an investigation, detectives had not found evidence to warrant any criminal charges and they expect to soon close the case involving Sorrentino.

    Sorrentino's lawyers point out the woman has given varying accounts to police about what she claims happened.

    "If the NYPD is truly closing the case then this is true justice," said defense lawyer Raymond Raya. "We thank the NYPD for their due diligence and for putting to rest this false claim."

    The woman, Kathryn Redino, had claimed she was threatened inside the limo en route to New Jersey after a night of partying. But Howell, N.J. police said she never told them about the allegation he threatened her with a bottle when she first called 911 for help.  

    Later, she made those claims to the NYPD.

    "These kids that are associated with this reality TV program have become targets," said Raya. "Its a scary thing to be falsely accused but Marc knew he was innocent and we are thankful that the system worked."

    Redino's complaint in Howell Municipal Court is still open -- as is Sorrentino's complaint that she filed a false report. 

    The woman's roommate said she would not answer reporters' questions.

    Raya predicts she will either drop her allegation in Howell or lose in court.

    After the woman went to the NYPD, a spokesman Monday had said police were looking to arrest Sorrentino on an unlawful imprisonment charge. But the NYPD press office soon clarified that they were investigating all claims made in the case. Now police said they expect no charges to be filed.