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NYPD Rape Accuser Weeps as She Testifies in Trial



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    A woman who said she was raped by an on-duty NYPD officer as his partner stood as lookout wept on the stand Thursday and testified that she woke from a drunken haze to someone undressing her.

    Prosecutors have said the 27-year-old was so drunk that she was powerless to stop the December 2008 attack. Her blood alcohol was more than three times the legal limit as the officers escorted her out of a taxi up to her apartment.

    "I woke up because someone was rolling my tights down my legs," she testified Thursday.

    When asked if she knew who was doing that, she said: "Not me."

    "I was so intoxicated I couldn't say or do anything," she added.

    When asked what was the next thing she could recall, she started to say "I remember..." but then began to cry. The judge ordered a short break.

    Later she cried again after she recalled waking up wearing nothing but her bra.

    "I felt so dirty. I just wanted to take a shower," she said. "I was scrubbing myself."

    Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata have pleaded not guilty to rape, burglary, official misconduct and falsifying business records.

    Moreno's attorney, Joseph Tacopina said in his opening statement that the charges against his client are a "moral outrage."

    Moreno is accused of raping the drunken, semiconscious woman while Mata acted as a lookout.