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Law Enforcement on Heightened Alert for July 4th



    Law Enforcement Stepping Up Security for July 4th Holiday

    We are keeping a close watch on terror concerns as the fourth of July holiday approaches. Police in New York City and across the nation are on heightened alert as warnings are issued. Chief Investigative Reporter Jonathan Dienst reports. (Published Thursday, July 2, 2015)

    Police in New York City are on heightened alert ahead of the July Fourth holiday, but officials emphasize it's only a precaution and there is no specific terror threat. 

    More than 7,000 extra police officers are being called in to help keep a watchful eye on the crowds and at landmarks across the city Saturday. 

    Several recent federal and local security bulletins obtained by NBC 4 New York say there is no new specific terror threat. 

    For mass transit, an MTA police bulletin tells its officers that recent information disseminated over social media suggest U.S. military locations and big events could be targeted by ISIS followers. 

    Overseas, ISIS leaders like Abu Hussain al-Britani continue to use social media to call for attacks, big or small. And recent ISIS-inspired attacked overseas have heightened concern.

    In the past two weeks in the New York area, meanwhile, the FBI arrested five ISIS suspects but officials said the timing of those arrests were not linked to the July 4th holiday. 

    Joint Terrorism task forces will continue to monitor intelligence streams. Top security officials in New York and Washington say there is no information that any specific plot is underway. 

    Top officials said there are ramped up concerns because of the large crowds coupled with the general threat environment and ISIS trying to spread its reach. 

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