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NYPD Officers Rescue Puppy in Jamaica Bay



    With just his snout and ears above water, two officers describe spotting and pulling a scared, wet dog from Jamaica Bay. (Published Tuesday, July 26, 2011)

    Two NYPD police officers are being credited for rescuing a puppy from the waters of Jamaica Bay Monday evening -- spotting the floating, struggling dog from their patrol boat.

    Officers Benjamin Reiver and Edward Carr spotted the 8-month-old German shepherd named Charlie while on routine patrol at about 7:35 p.m., police said.

    The puppy, who already weighs more than 70 pounds, was in the water about two miles from shore and was trying hard stay afloat, according to police.  The pup had only his ears and nose sticking out of the water.

    "I was in shock that it was a dog.  He just looked at us and perked up," Reiver said. "He wanted help.  He definitely wanted help."

    Reiver and Carr pulled the dog aboard their boat, and returned to the shore to search for its owners.

    Reiver said the rescue was a quick and careful one, to try and keep the dog safe from the boat's engine.

    "The wind and the current was so bad, it was actually pushing us away from the dog.  We really only had one shot to do it so I took the risk and we pulled him in," he said.

    "The whole thing took about two minutes," Carr said.

    The officers located the owners, who police said had recently acquired the dog from Germany. Charlie had apparently jumped from their vehicle and ran into the water when he was swept away by the currents.

    Charlie is now back safe with his new owners, said police.