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NYPD Officers Telling Probers About Paterson and Aide



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    The NYPD officers who responded to the 911 call made by the ex-girlfriend of Governor Paterson's aide are among those being questioned by the Attorney General's office, and they are telling everything they know, officials said.

    The NYPD has now turned over all records to state investigators looking to see if the Governor, his staff or the State Police tried to intimidate the woman from moving forward with the domestic violence complaint stemming from a Halloween incident in the Bronx.

    NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said he was confident AG Andrew Cuomo's office could conduct a fair investigation even though Cuomo himself is preparing to run for Governor.

    State police officials have also been questioned after the woman complained under oath that she had been "harassed" by members of the Governor's security detail to try to get her not to press charges against Paterson aide David Johnson.

    While seeking an order of projection against Johnson the  woman claimed in court  that had been contacted by a member of the Governor's state police security detail and that they had pressured her keep quiet.

    The woman's lawyer, Lawrence B. Saftler, said Paterson called the woman in February and asked if he could help her, but the lawyer wouldn't say if the call prompted her to drop the case.

    The Bronx District Attorney’s Office is also looking into the matter.

    “What has been reported about this matter raises concerns and we will be having conversations with the New York State Attorney General," said Steven Reed, spokesman for. Bronx DA Robert Johnson. " We are attempting to acquire the necessary information about the October incident itself and subsequent contact with the witness. This is being done in a manner which will not impede anything that the Attorney General is doing.”