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NYPD Ignored Gay-Bash Incident: Victim

The NYPD has since launched an internal investigation



    NYPD Ignored Gay-Bash Incident: Victim
    Blake Hayes

    A local radio personality says he and two friends suffered an anti-gay attack in Hell's Kitchen over the weekend and police turned a blind eye to the incident.

    The NYPD has since launched an internal investigation and said today the Hate Crime Task Force is looking into the incident.

    One of the alleged victims, Blake Hayes, an on-air personality for WPLJ, said he and his friends were walking down 9th Avenue on Friday night when a man threw a lit cigarette at the group and called them "faggots."  Hayes said a heated argument ensued outside McCoy's Bar and that's when their assailant got violent.

    "Before we knew it, he had shoved me down the block, then thrown one friend against a car, denting it. The other took two punches to the face, cutting his lip before the bouncer at McCoy's came out and stopped him," Hayes writes in his blog.

    Hayes said he and his friends called the police and their assailant stayed behind even as two patrol cars rolled up to the scene.

    But, Hayes said the officers did "nothing."

    "They wouldn't even take the guy's information so we could file a claim later, or even run the plates of the car whose body was dented from him throwing my friend into it," Hayes wrote in his blog. 

    Hayes said police claimed they couldn't do anything because the man had New Jersey plates on his car.

    Hayes said the man, who has still not been identified, went back into McCoy's after the altercation was broken up by police and settled his tab. That's when the man allegedly yelled, "Get AIDS and die!" Hayes said.

    Bar owner Paul Kiernan says it wasn't one of his regular customers.

    City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn issued a statement saying that she was "outraged" by  news of the the bias attack, "but I am also deeply concerned by reports from the victims that NYPD officers responding to the scene did not appropriately recognize the seriousness of the incident."

    NYPD officials said they are now looking into reports that officers may have mishandled the alleged anti-gay attack that occurred over the weekend in the normally "gay-friendly" Hell's Kitchen area.