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NYC Taxi Riders Paid Higher Fares in 2010



    NYC Taxi Riders Paid Higher Fares in 2010
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    NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 26: Cars and pedestrians pass along Broadway in Times Square February 26, 2009 in New York City. Broadway, the world-famous thoroughfare that covers the length of Manhattan, will become a pedestrian walkway around Times Square as the city attempts to curb congestion in the theater district. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

    Passengers in New York City cabs spent more on cab fares last year than the year before.

    The Taxi and Limousine Commission looked at GPS and credit-card data and determined the average fare was $11.71 in 2010, an increase from $10.73 in 2009.

    Riders were spending less time in cabs, however. The average trip lasted just under 11 minutes in 2010, down from just over 11 1/2 minutes in 2009.

    The TLC said more riders were also using their credit cards to pay their fares, 36 percent per day in 2010 compared to 25.6 percent per day in 2009.

    The NY Post also reports people are also using their credit cards more often to pay fares.  TLC Commissioner David Yassky tells the Post, "People are benefiting from the credit-card option drivers are benefiting from consistently high tips on credit-card rides."