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NYC Mayor Thanks FDNY for Heroic Acts



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    Bloomberg salutes the FDNY for heroism.

    Firefighters at Engine Company 54, Ladder 4 and Battalion 9 got a pat on the back Tuesday morning from Mayor Bloomberg for their quick actions over the weekend.

    New York's Bravest helped prevent what authorities say could have been a deadly car bombing attack in the heart of Times Square.
    "Our bravest did exactly what they have been trained to do in certain situations," said New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "They knew not to apply water or any other extinguishing agent."

    And by doing so, firefighters were able to preserve the evidence.

    Lt. Michael Barvels explained what happen just moments after fire fighters arrived on the scene.

    Hero Street Vendor: "We Dodged a Bullet"

    [NY] Hero Street Vendor: "We Dodged a Bullet"
    Handbag seller Duane Jackson was one of the first people to notice the Nissan Pathfinder that later turned out to be a crude car-bomb in Times Square.
    (Published Tuesday, May 4, 2010)

    "We heard some popping sounds and a couple of my members pointed it out," said Lt. Barvels. "They [firefighters] saw a couple of flashes and they actually said it looks like fireworks."
    Using a thermal imaging camera, Lt. John Kazan moved in, an effort to get a sense of the heat and color of smoke.
    "And then as you go through the back of the car there was no heat and again that was like an odd ball," said Kazan. "The bomb squad was then called in to assess the situation."
    The mayor also praised the work of street vendor Lance Orton who received a phone call from President Obama minutes before the news conference.

    "And when I answered and somebody said listen, the president is on the phone and i started to say listen," said Orton. "Here comes the prank callers."
    It was indeed the President who also phoned street vendor Duane Jackson credited for spotting the suspicious SUV.

    Orton says he was the one to save the day and that early on it was the media that got it wrong.

    See Something Say Something

    [NY] See Something Say Something
    In light of this weekend's Times Square bombing attempt, police re-iterate importance of "See Something Say Something" campaign.
    (Published Monday, May 3, 2010)

    "He was across the street when it happened," said Orton. "but they made it look like we held hands and went and grabbed the officer. I'm the one that grabbed the officer."

    It was both guys, according to police, that helped alert authorities that night.

    However, Orton says he deserves the credit.

    Kelly: We Ain't No Jack Bauer, But We Got it Done Fast

    [NY] Kelly: We Ain't No Jack Bauer, But We Got it Done Fast
    Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly lauds the efforts of those who helped nab the Times Square bomb suspect moments before he made it out of the contry on a flight to Dubai. He also highlights more aspects of the investigation.
    (Published Tuesday, May 4, 2010)

    "That's the real deal," said Orton.