NYC Man Accused of Smothering, Killing His 92-Year-Old Roommate

A 47-year-old New York City man is accused of killing his 92-year-old roommate for snoring too loudly, police sources familiar with the investigation tell NBC 4 New York.

Police identified the victim as Veronica Ivins, who was found unconscious in her bed around 7 a.m. on Thursday. The woman was taken from her apartment in SoHo to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police say her roommate, Enrique Leyva, was arrested on murder charges. Information on his lawyer wasn't immediately available. Cops said Leyva lived with Ivins for three years inside a Sullivan Street apartment.

Others living in the building claimed they saw signs that something was wrong in the building.

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"Things were being heard that were violent, that were scary," neighbor Brooklyn Lastra said.

Other neighbors claimed to have suspected abuse, and some of them tried to do something about it.

"I called 311, I called (Adult Protective Services), and not once -- but twice, and not only did I call, but other people called," neighbor Meghan Loveland said.

The news has shocked tenants in the Sullivan Street building.

The city Department of Social Services said it could not discuss the specifics of the case.