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NYC Correction Officers Charged in Inmate Assault

Ten correction officers were charged in an assault on an inmate at Rikers Island jail



    Rikers Island Employees Accused of Brutal Inmate Beating

    Ten correction officers are being charged with the brutal beating of an inmate at Rikers Island and trying to cover it up. Jonathan Vigliotti reports. (Published Thursday, June 27, 2013)

    Ten New York City Department of Correction employees have been indicted in connection with an alleged assault of an inmate and a subsequent cover-up at Rikers Island jail. 

    The inmate at Rikers Island suffered broken eye sockets and a broken nose when several officers attacked him in a side holding cell, investigators familiar with the case told NBC 4 New York. 

    A former high-ranking officer and several other supervisors were charged in connection with the 11-month investigation, as well as the officers who took direct part in the alleged beating.

    Sources familiar with the case said the assault happened after officers were conducting a search for weapons after an incident involving two other inmates. As officers moved inmates to another part of the housing area to search them for contraband or weapons, a group of officers allegedly beat the one inmate.

    Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson said two Correction officials ordered staff members to assault the inmate. Johnson said the officials then faked their reports, claiming the inmate had attacked first. 

    Seven of the 10 employees were charged with assault and attempted gang assault, and all 10 have been charged with evidence tampering.

    The Department of Correction, which suspended the employees after the arrests, said in a statement, "The alleged facts of the incident, if true, are an egregious deviation from the standards demanded of members of public service." 

    "Our workforce takes pride in its contributions to public service and public safety and overwhelmingly adheres to high standards under difficult and dangerous circumstances." 

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