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S.I. Man Busted For 75 Pounds Of Pot

He handed over 25 pounds to cops, police then found more than bushes in his backyard



    S.I. Man Busted For 75 Pounds Of Pot
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    Cops found more than 50 pounds of marijuana in bags, like the ones pictured, while searching Benito Barrios' backyard.

    Truth turned out to be stranger than fiction last Thursday when Benito Barrios of Staten Island surrendered a 25-pound bag of marijuana to officers of the 123rd Precinct, The New York Post reported.

    The 41-year-old, who works at a furniture store, claimed he found the bag in a dresser delivered to the store from California.

    It doesn't end there, though.

    Cops were suspicious and asked Barrios if they could search his house near Hylan Boulevard and he agreed.

    They found more greenery under trees in his backyard: seven trash bags filled with around 50 pounds of marijuana in separate, vacuum-sealed bags.

    Cops are stumped as to why Barrios initially handed over the 25-pound bag and gave them permission to search his house, the Post reported.

    He and his 30-year-old wife, Kristine, were charged with multiple counts of felony pot possession and could be facing 15-year prison sentences, a spokesman for Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan said.