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NY Lottery Loser: It Just Wasn't My Day



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    These seven Mega Millions lottery winners are co-workers who went in together for the winning ticket. Their colleague Michael Kosko missed his chance to get into the pool.

    The hapless state worker who didn't join his colleagues when they bought a lottery ticket that ended up winning the $319 million jackpot says it just wasn't his day.

    "Everything happens for a reason," Michael Kosko told the New York Post, a day after his seven co-workers appeared in public to celebrate their life-changing Mega Millions win.

    The winners, dubbed by lottery officials as "The Albany Seven," all went in together occasionally to purchase lottery tickets. This time, Kosko said he didn't participate because he didn't have correct change.

    "I didn't have two singles," said the six-year employee of the state's Homes and Community Renewal agency.

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    Kosko told the Post that he and five other coworkers who normally join the office lottery pool are now calling themselves "The Five Survivors."

    "I'm not going to sit around and ask myself that question for the next 20 years," he said. "I'm moving on. It's all good."