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NY "Authorities" Reform Kicks in Today



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    Auditors and watchdog groups will now be able to take a better look at New York State Authorities -- like the MTA.

    The public authorities that run New York's commuter trains, toll highways, bridges, tunnels, power plants and more are beginning a new era of openness after years of secrecy.

    The authorities reform bill that took effect Monday requires the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Thruway Authority and hundreds of other entities to open their books for independent audits.

    It also makes board members accountable to their authority and the public, rather than the governors and mayors who appoint them.

    Senate co-sponsor Bill Perkins of Harlem says the reform will shed light on billions of dollars previously spent without public accounting.

    Assembly co-sponsor Richard Brodsky of Westchester called it sweeping reform of Soviet-style bureaucracies.