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NJ Woman Mistaken For Terror Suspect

NJ woman mistaken for terror suspect



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    Colleen L. LaRose, from New Jersey, is the founder of FemmeSpeak.com. She says she was mistaken as "Jihad Jane" the terror suspect from Montgomery County, Pa.

    It's bad enough if you share the same name as terror suspect Colleen R. LaRose, but what do you do when a young Australian reporter assumes you are "Jihad Jane" and posts your Facebook profile picture in his online story? Sue?

    "I sent an email to this kid and said take it down immediately, but what am I gonna get from a 24-year old kid in Australia? A surfboard?!" said New Jersey's Colleen L. LaRose, laughing.

    A good sense of humor certainly helps. So does a little business savvy.

    The Millville native figured the best way to rescue her reputation was to use the mistaken identity story as a marketing tool – a way to get the word out about the new community-based Web site and Magazine that she's launching for women called Femme Speak!

    "After all, I'm doing this magazine on an unemployment check!" she roars.

    Colleen L. spent the last two years conducting women's focus panels in the Lehigh Valley and Bucks County Pennsylvania.

    "Women are lonely. We need a sense of community. We don't have a creative outlet and women need a place to connect and figure out who they are" at different stages of their life Colleen L. said.

    "I can't help the whole world, but I can help half!" she laughs.

    As for Montgomery County, PA's Colleen R. LaRose, the terror suspect nicknamed "Jihad Jane," Colleen L. says she's trying to understand her.  "We are about the same age and maybe this is her mid-life crisis. My hope is that other women looking for purpose in their lives will join me in this positive movement to support women…"

    And no, she won't be suing the young Australian reporter.

    "Maybe, just maybe he did me a favor!"

    Colleen's Femme Speak! Launch party is May 14 at the Pearl Buck Museum -- click here for more information.