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N.J. Woman Found After Violent Kidnapping



    N.J. Woman Found After Violent Kidnapping
    Nutley Police
    Angela Nowak was abducted by an ex-boyfriend from her Nutley home.

    A nationwide search is over for a 26-year-old New Jersey woman after she was found unhurt this morning.

    Angela Nowak was at the home she shares with her current boyfriend in Nutley, N.J., when ex-boyfriend Michael Siculietano kicked down the front door around 6 p.m. yesterday, Nutley police told NJ.com.

    Siculietano, who is originally from Nutley but now lives in Belleville, is 6 feet tall and weighs about 240 pounds.

    Siculietano, 29, allegedly attacked Nowak's 30-year-old boyfriend, punching him repeatedly in the head and chest, police said.  He allegedly put a knife to Nowak's throat and forced her to leave with him after taking $3,000 and the keys to the boyfriend's 1995 Honda Civic.

    Cops arrested Siculietana on Monday.