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NJ Trooper Says She Was Raped by Male Colleague

Female trooper also claims she was sexually harassment by a female colleague



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    A woman who served as a New Jersey State Trooper is claiming she suffered both a sexual assault from a male officer as well as sexual harassment by a female colleague during her three years on the force.

    "I love you," her female instructor, Christine Shalcross, allegedly whispered into her ear after the trooper, who is not named, graduated from the State Police Training Academy three years ago.

    While attending the funeral of three Pittsburgh cops killed last April, Captain Thomas King allegedly "obtained a key to (her) room," her criminal complaint said.

    While the trooper was in bed in the hotel after heavy drinking in the motel restaurant, "King came into the room and sexually assaulted her," the complaint said.

    The alleged assault in the suburban Pittsburgh motel room ended with her getting pregnant and eventually getting an abortion.

    Her attorney, William Buckman, explained why it took so long for her to take action. "She was overwhelmed with what was happening to her and scared of who she was up against."

    "It is a huge indictment of the state police if these allegations are true," said attorney Jay Fahy, a former state and federal prosecutor who is not representing anyone in this case.

    The female trooper filed a complaint in federal court and if she wins, Fahy says it could easily result in "more than a million dollars in damages."

    Her allegations against her female instructor at the academy include several examples of apparent lesbian behavior.

    Instructor Shalcross is accused of saying about the alleged victim to another trooper, "(She) doesn't know why she is not going to be engaged to be married, but she won't be."

    After graduation, while in the same car, Shalcross allegedly leaned over and "kissed the plaintiff on the cheek."

     The alleged victim is out on sick leave now, and "has essentially suffered a nervous breakdown," according to the lawsuit.

    Captain King, sources say, has been placed on Administrative Leave with pay during the investigation. Detective Sergeant Shalcross is still at her duties.

    "The New Jersey State Police treats any allegation of misconduct very seriously. As with all allegations of misconduct, there allegations will be vigorously and thoroughly investigated," said spokesman Gerald Lewis in an email.

    On assignment with other New Jersey Troopers at President Obama's inauguration, a female colleague of Shalcross' allegedly told the unnamed victim "'She was a lesbian-hating, dyke hater,' and was 'homophobic,'" according to the complaint.