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NJ "Talent Scout" Who Raped 12-Year-Old Gets 10 Years



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    Adonis Giron from his MySpace page

    A New Jersey man who raped a 12-year-old girl after luring her to a North Bergen motel by posing as an MTV talent scout is headed to state prison.

    Forty-three-year-old Adonis Giron of Union City was sentenced Friday to a 10-year term and ordered to get psychological treatment.

    Giron pleaded guilty in January to aggravated sexual assault in connection with the October 2008 incident involving the Union City girl. He was arrested after the girl's parents learned of the situation, and charges that he molested two 13-year-old girls were dropped when he pleaded guilty to the more serious charge.

    Hudson County prosecutors say Giron used a flashy MySpace Web page to promote his bogus talent scout persona. They called him a clear example of the type of danger parents need to be aware is lurking on the internet.