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NJ Lawyer Misses Her Sentencing on Drug Charges



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    A New Jersey lawyer misses her sentencing on drug charges.

    An arrest warrant has been issued for a southern New Jersey lawyer who failed to show for her sentencing on drug charges.

    Avis Cole-Williams, whose law license is suspended, was due in court Friday. But her attorney, James Leonard Jr., said he hasn't been able to contact her since she pleaded guilty in April to distribution of a controlled dangerous substance.

    Leonard said he received a voicemail from an unidentified person Friday saying she was hospitalized in Cumberland County. But the person didn't say what hospital or leave a return telephone number.

    Cole-Williams admitted working with a former client to illegally sell large quantities of prescription drugs.

    The 52-year-old Vineland resident was facing up to three years in prison, but Leonard was seeking long-term, inpatient drug treatment for her.

    Atlantic County prosecutors say Cole-Williams obtained prescriptions for Roxicodone and other medication from her physicians and then sold hundreds of pills with the aid of the client, a woman whose name was not disclosed.

    Cole-Williams earned about $3,000 through the sales, which occurred between December 2008 and February 2009. She was then arrested in March 2009.

    The client has not been charged in the case. Cole-Williams has had a long troubled history as an attorney, receiving several reprimands and other disciplinary actions. She also has faced several civil suits filed by unhappy clients.