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N.J. Gov Christie Not Ready to Endorse, Still Looking for WH Candidate



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    Gov. Chris Christie has a lot on his mind.

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has not decided which Republican candidate he will endorse for the White House, and is still mulling the choices and meeting with contenders, a source tells NBC New York.

    A source within his inner circle told NBC New York that schedulers are working on setting up a meeting between Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who has just announced his intention to run for the 2012 GOP nomination.

    And former Utah Gov. John Huntsman was set to meet with Christie Thursday, but a scheduling conflict forced the two sides to postpone it. They are now trying to reschedule, a source says.

    The source denies a media report that Christie will endorse fellow Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, if Daniels decides to run.

    "That obviously comes from the Daniels' side," the person told NBC New York.

    This source then added: "it's more their viewpoint than I think it is ours."

    Many are vying for an endorsement from the popular freshman governor, who quickly rose to the national spotlight after challenging public unions in the blue state last year.

    Publicly, Christie's communications director, Maria Comella, called the speculation "entirely too premature."

    "He hasn't even made a decision as to whether or not he is going to endorse, let alone whom," Comella said.

    While those closest to Christie insist he is still in play for 2012, one thing he has said over and over again is that at least this time around, he will not run for president.

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