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NJ Church Gives Away $30,000 in "Reverse Collection" Baskets



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    This was one collection basket parishioners couldn't pass up.

    Liquid Church of New Jersey allowed parishioners at its Sunday services to forgo donating and instead take money out of the collection basket.

    Church leaders gave away $30,000 cash in unmarked envelopes containing either a $10, $20 or $50 bill.

    Lead pastor Tim Lucas says the "reverse offering" is meant to teach churchgoers that faith in God — not government — is the only route to recovery in the current financial crisis.

    The Christian-based church has about 2,000 members and branches in Morristown, Nutley, and New Brunswick.

    Church officials plan to donate an additional $60,000 to various projects, including helping communities with flood recovery, in each of the three northern Jersey counties they serve.