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Toilet-Dwelling Rat Terrorizes Brooklyn Woman

"I do not deal well with rats," distraught resident says



    Toilet-Dwelling Rat Terrorizes Brooklyn Woman
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    A Prospect Heights woman's terrifying encounter with a massive rat had her guessing it had risen from her toilet.

    Thursday evening Kat Selvocki was watching a movie in her apartment eyes landed on the eight-inch long rodent (not including the tail), reported.

    Selvocki told the blog she panicked and ran to her neighbors with dogs for help, but the the monstrous pest had disappeared from sight.

    The only evidence left was splashed of water around the toilet seat and gray/black hair inside the toilet.

    The rat, Selvocki insists, must have come through the toilet.

    "I freaked out," Selvocki told "I do not deal well with rats. Bust dogs searched for the rat for an hours and could not find it. We saw it walking near the heater in the living room, so our current theory is that there are holes big enough to the heating vents for it to crawl into."

    Exterminator Eddie Marco of Brooklyn Pest Control also told the blog the possibility of a toilet-dwelling rat isn't so far out there.

    "I've dealt with it many time," Marco said. "The pipe is empty, the rat crawl through the pipe and up over the hump and into the porcelain. And he can't get back out... It happens all the time, especially if you live in the basement or a first floor apartment."

    His solution to the terrifying circumstance? "Flush it down!"

    "So they call me, I go in and just flush the toilet. 100 bucks!" Marco told the blog.