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Groom Sues Photographer, Demands New Wedding

In lawsuit six years after marriage -- and divorce -- groom demands $48K



    Groom Sues Photographer, Demands New Wedding
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    Unhappy with his wedding scrapbook, a Manhattan groom is suing the photographers for $48,000  to recreate the ceremony and snap new pictures.

    But things are complicated by the fact that Todd J. Remis and his wife, Milena Grzibovska, have divorced and she is believed to be back in her native Latvia, reports The New York Times.

    Remis is furious that the men from H & H Photographers missed the final 15 minutes -- including the last dance and bouquet toss -- at his wedding six years ago in Tarrytown.

    He wants the studio to refund the $4,100 cost for services as well as pay to recreate the event with new photographers.

    Justice Doris Ling-Cohan of State Supreme Court in Manhattan has dismissed most of the grounds for the lawsuit and a wedding recreation is very unlikely. But she allowed things to proceed to determine if H & H violated its contract.

    "This is a case in which it appears that the 'misty watercolor memories' and the 'scattered pictures of the smiles ... left behind' at the wedding were more important than the real thing," Judge Ling-Cohan wrote. "Although the marriage did not last, plaintiff's fury over the quality of the photographs and video continued on."