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Swine Flu Strikes Out Softball Team

Softball team forfeits conference title thanks to swine flu outbreak



    Swine Flu Strikes Out Softball Team
    It's the end of the line for one softball team's championship hopes - thanks to the swine flu, which is plaguing the campus of the University of Delaware.

    This is a curveball no batter could prepare for.

    The Hoftstra University women's softball team was awarded its regular-season NCAA conference title after rival the University of Delaware forfeited thanks to an outbreak of the swine flu virus, Newsday reported.

    Delaware told Hofstra Thursday that it wouldn't travel for the rest of the season -- meaning that Hofstra, which needed only one victory over Delaware to clinch the title, would take home the Colonial Athletic Association's top regular-season honors.

    One unidentified player on Delaware's baseball team reportedly showed symptoms of the virus, and 12 other students at the university are believed to be infected.

    Hofstra coach Bill Edwards expressed "concern" over the Delaware team's battle with the swine flu.

    "It is going to be well out of our hands as to what transpires here," Edwards said.

    The NCAA is set to conduct a nationwide conference call with college commissioners to work out how to deal with the swine flu crisis during post-season tournaments.

    Hofstra will host the CAA tournament next Wednesday. Tournament staff are prepared to deal with an outbreak at the championships if necessary, the conference said.