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Mob Rat: Victoria Gotti and I Had a Thing

Victoria says it ain't true



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    Victoria Gotti says allegations of an affair between her and the mob rat testifying in the trial of her brother are bogus.

    The key witness in the racketeering trial of John "Junior" Gotti said on the stand today that he and Victoria Gotti, Junior's sister, had "feelings" for one another.

    But Victoria said that's a load of bull.

    John Alite, in his third day of testimony in the case against ex-Gambino family boss Junior Gotti, maintained his earlier claims that Victoria sought him out for comfort after beatings by her former husband, according to a published report.

    "I had feelings for her," said Alite, who claimed at a hearing in February that the two had an affair. "She had feelings for me."

    Victoria wasn't so keen on the allegations. During a recess in the trial, she slammed Alite as a liar.

    "Feelings?" she said, according to the Daily News. "He flatters himself."

    Not true, said Alite. The mob turncoat claims Victoria's ex, Carmine Agnello, turned a gun on him after he found out about the alleged romance and said he and Alite had a problem.

    "Yeah, we do have a problem," Alite told the court he said during the confrontation at a Queens nightclub in the early 1990s. "You keep beating up your wife." 

    Then the two gangsters realized they had a bigger problem – neither one could kill the other. Agnello was too close to the Gottis, so Alite couldn't whack him. And Agnello couldn't take out Alite because he was friendly with Junior.


    Yesterday, Alite told the courtroom that people treated him differently because of his friendship with Junior. He never had to wait for a table at restaurants and got treated like a celebrity when he was with him.