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"You're a Dog": Gotti Shouts at Witness

Mob rat a self-proclaimed lying wife-beater



    "You're a Dog": Gotti Shouts at Witness
    Mafia turncoat John Alite was living the life of fictional character Henry Hill.

    John "Junior" Gotti probably didn't help his case much when he went off on the prosecution's star witness in court this afternoon.

    Fortunately, the jury wasn't in the room to hear Junior's outburst. The gangster stood and shouted at John Alite, who's been testifying against Junior in the mobster's fourth racketeering trial, as Alite was leaving the box to go to lunch. It wasn't pretty.

    "Did I kill little girls? You're a punk. You're a dog," Gotti screamed after Alite denied being involved in killing a 25-year-old woman in the 1980s.

    The judge warned Gotti to tone it down, saying he wasn't helping himself by shouting at a witness.

    Meanwhile, Gotti's lawyers have said the mob rat is a wife-beating liar who perjured himself in a federal court hearing, Gotti's lawyers said.

    Alite fessed up yesterday to lying repeatedly before a Brooklyn federal grand jury in May 1999 when he was asked about Gotti and Gambino gangster Ronnie "One Arm" Trucchio, reports The New York Post. He was even dragged out of the courtroom at one point and cautioned by a prosecutor that he could face perjury charges.

    A self-described proficient liar, the mob turncoat told the Manhattan federal courtroom that in those days, "I lied about everything."  

    But just because he did it back then doesn't mean he's not telling the truth now, Alite said. He made a deal with the feds, who are counting on his testimony to put Gotti behind bars after his first three trials ended in hung juries.

    The mobster also happily told the court about his brutality against women, confessing he beat and slapped nearly half a dozen, including his ex-wife "during the marriage, [and] before the marriage," according to the Post.

    Alite didn't say, however, if one of the women he claims he beat up was Junior's sister Victoria, with whom he's said that he had an affair – a charge Victoria Gotti vehemently denies.

    "He flatters himself," the mobstress said during a court recess last week.

    When questioned yesterday about a message he left on a business associate's answering machine in which he threatened to make that man's wife perform a sexual act on him while her husband watched – retaliation for cheating Alite out of cash – the mobster only proffered a depraved smile, reports the Post.

    Gotti's attorneys tried to convince the jury that Alite wasn't as much of a hot shot in the mob as he claimed. Lawyers presented a letter that Alite wrote to Gotti more than a decade ago that suggests he kept trying to ingratiate himself with the mob boss's son.

    "I miss ya! I'll always keep writing," the letter read, according to the Daily News. "I hope you at least read these before you throw them out."

    Alite also mentions getting a dry wall job to bring in extra cash, which is puzzling considering he told the court weeks ago that he "lived the good life" as a mobster and made a ton of money off his ventures with Junior.

    Junior's wife, Kim, shook her head all the way through Alite's testimony and waved to Junior after it ended, reports the News.