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Flyover Alert! Military Aircraft to Soar Over Hudson



    Flyover Alert! Military Aircraft to Soar Over Hudson
    A fighter plane and a presidential jet, known as Air Force One when the president is on board, buzzed over lower Manhattan last year.

    If you happen to see an army plane flying around the city today, don't be afraid.

    Authorities scheduled a planned flyover of a military aircraft down the Hudson River at about 11:15 this morning. It's slated to land at LaGuardia Airport in Queens. 

    Officials were careful to announce this flight after Air Force One and F-16 fighter flew over the city's skyline last year, sending residents into a panic. What turned out to be a planned photo op placed the public on alert, afraid of another attack on the city, and became a huge public relations debacle for the White House

    Authorities say they couldn't share the information with the public last time, leaving even Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the dark.  He was reportedly  "furious" at the failure to issue a warning in a city that is still traumatized by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

    "The good news is that it was nothing more than an inconsiderate, badly concieved and insensitive photo op with the taxpayers' money," Bloomberg said at . 

    Witnesses reported seeing the plane circle over the Upper New York Bay and near the Statue of Liberty before making its way to the Hudson River.

    The White House issued an apology for the incident. 

    There is no word on reason for today's flyover.