Mayor Bloomberg Endorses Senator Kirsten Gillibrand... as "Stunning" - NBC New York

Mayor Bloomberg Endorses Senator Kirsten Gillibrand... as "Stunning"



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    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand speaks at a roundtable discussion in Huntington, N.Y., Monday, Oct. 18, 2010. Gillibrand met with local businesses to discuss manufacturing on Long Island.

    Washington has been called the “Hollywood for ugly people” before, but according to Mayor Bloomberg, there’s nothing ugly about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

    At a City Hall news conference, when asked about the junior senator from New York’s photo spread in the current issue of Vogue magazine, Bloomberg had some very positive things to say about Gillibrand’s appearance.

    “I sat next to Gillibrand twice in the last two days — I think once in front of Moynihan Station and once last night at dinner,” said the Mayor. "I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to talk about people’s looks or dress, but Sen. Gillibrand at a black-tie event last night looked stunning, I think you could say.”

    He added: “I did not ask her where her dress came from or anything, but she’s a pleasure to sit next to and she certainly looked good.”

    This comment comes just a few months after Gillibrand was ranked 3rd in The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People in Washington, and a month after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid described Gillibrand as the “Hottest” Senator.

    While Reid came under fire for his remarks from women’s advocacy group the New Agenda, president Amy Siskind doesn’t see anything wrong with Bloomberg’s comments. “There is nothing wrong with saying she’s attractive,” Siskind told the Wall Street Journal. “There is nothing wrong with being a beautiful woman.”

    What the Mayor didn’t mention, however, is that his longtime partner, Diana Taylor, actively campaigned this year for a Republican candidate trying to take Gillibrand’s senate seat, and is contemplating running for the seat herself in 2012.