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Marathon Runners Race to the Internet



    Organizers on the Lookout for Marathon Scammers

    Just days away from the ING New York City Marathon, some runners are cutting corners, breaking rules, and even attempting to make money from the race.John Noel reports. (Published Friday, Nov. 5, 2010)

    Runners looking for a spot in the ING New York City Marathon are now making a stop on the internet first.

    Out of more than 120-thousand people who applied for a spot in the race,  only 60-thousand were lucky enough to get a number.

    But race organizers say close to 20-thousand of them won't show up on marathon day for one reason or another.

    And now some of those no-shows can be found on the internet, on Craigslist, selling their race numbers to the highest bidder.

    One man wrote in his ad, "Broke my foot training two weeks ago. My loss your win.  $350."

    Marathon officials call that scalping and say if a person is found to have sold their number they will be banned from running in the marathon ever again.

    They also point out that if you buy someone's number, when you cross the finish line you will get a medal, but you're name won't be in the official record.