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Manhattan Soup Kitchen Dishing Up Caviar



    Manhattan Soup Kitchen Dishing Up Caviar
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    KIBBUTZ DAN, ISRAEL - APRIL 22: Tiny sturgeon eggs are bunched on a pair of tweezers as an Israeli worker prepares caviar for packing at a processing plant on April 22, 2009 in Kibbutz Dan, Israel. Far from the Caspian Sea, where over fishing and pollution have slashed yields of this prized delicacy, fish farmers at this kibbutz are reaping the rewards of years of hard work and are cashing in on the global caviar crisis. After retail prices for caviar soared to as much as USD 5,000 a kilogram, the kibbutz turned from breeding the fish from imported Russian Osetra stock for its meat to rearing the fish in special ponds for as long as ten years to harvest their roe. According to Yigal Ben Tzvi, the managing director of Caviar Galilee, his caviar is lauded by connoisseurs and orders from Japan, America, Europe and even Russia account for all his annual production of some 2,000 kilograms. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

    There's something special on the menu at a Manhattan soup kitchen.
    Those eating lunch at the Broadway Community Inc. facility on Wednesday are getting a taste of the luxury life -- thanks to a luxurious gift from an anonymous donor.

    The West 114th Street soup kitchen got a special present this Christmas: A 500-gram, $1,100-dollar tin of sturgeon caviar.
    Chef Michael Ennes expects about 150 people at lunch. The caviar is being served along with sour cream and egg on cornmeal blinis, as the start to a seven-course, four star meal.