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Spitzer's Ex-Madam Dishes on Sex, Men and Life

Davis tells women "never try to change yourself for a man"



    Spitzer's Ex-Madam Dishes on Sex, Men and Life
    Former Manhattan Madam, Kristin Davis talks about men, advice to women and life behind bars.

    Kristin Davis was not ashamed of her past as a prostitution ring operator.  Instead, she shared some secrets and advice with News 4 New York.

    "I think men primarily need comfort and sometimes, diversity," Davis said. "That's why they come to services like mine."

    The former Manhattan Madam advised all women, "Take care of yourself first, put yourself first, never try to change yourself for a man."

    Different from the things you might think about a madam, Davis appeared to be very articulate, funny and even warm.

    Manhattan Madam's Secrets

    [NY] Manhattan Madam's Secrets
    Former madam Kristin Davis spills her secrets on men, advice to women and her future plan.
    (Published Friday, April 3, 2009)

    At the "The Manhattan Madam" book party, the buxom blonde flirtatiously greeted everyone. It's hard to imagine she was in jail just a few months ago for promoting prostitution.

    Davis said she never regretted her decision to change her career from trading stocks to trading women.

    Davis spent several months in jail last year and she says the time behind bars made her realize who she is and who her real friends are.

    Now she is working on a film and hopes to become a couples therapist in the future.

    Davis claimed that ex-New York Gov. Spitzer was her regular client and she was rumored to have dated Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez.